Pump testers VE VP44 Denso, Lucas ,Zexel

Diagnostic Equipment for Test Benches

Diesel equipment :

DT8000 tester pumps VE

Tester for pump VE EDC HDK (ECU simulator)

VE pumps tester Bosch

Controller for Cars and Truck

Device is designed for regulation  injection pumps of Bosch

can be used for regulation:

            Bosch VE pump

            EDC potentiometer

            Bosch VE EDC HDK pump (inductive)

            Bosch type P and H pump

            truck pumps

the device is used with the test bench.


The DT8000 simulator is dedicated for testing and adjustment inline injection pumps

operating with the electronically controlled  systems of Diesel engines EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) used in truck and cars.

You can control also advance actuator and additional valve .

Tester is compatible with Bosch test data

Available original connectors for pumps.

DT800E tester pumps LUCAS/EPIC

Tester for hydraulic pump Lucas Epic

 lucas epic pump tester

The device is for controlling the hydraulic pumps  Lucas/Epic

(eg. Ford ,Fiat, Renault,Mercedes) on the test bench.

You can test a fuel quantity , test rotor sensor, measure fuel temperature ,

test advance actuator and advance sensor.

The simulator is intended for pumps type lucas stage 2 and lucas stage 3

With this simulator you can read, write or modify OSM eprom in rotor sensor , together with simulator is supplied software for PC (see EPROG)

simulator is connected with PC by USB

In basic supplied is cable with connectors to pumps (4 types, Renault, Mercedes long cable, Mercedes short cable, Ford transit)

available language for choose : English,Polish,Russian,Croatian

In pump of Ford Transit possible is test hall sensor.


Ford Transit

Renault,Fiat,Mercedes,Dacia etc.

Eprog software

Software for editing EPROM

EPROG  programmator LUCAS/EPIC

Programmator for programming OSM sensor in pumps Lucas Epic

OSM  programmator lucas Epic

You can read, write, modify OSM eeprom in rotor sensor

With the programmator available is software for write new file to OSM

or read old file from OSM .

With the programmator you don't must insert shims under rotor sensor, simply to reprogram the value max. and min. value of rotor sensor

You can write (hex or bin) file to new rotor sensor from memory of programmator or from PC via PC software

Inside the programmator is the 9 pcs different files for sensors (from different pumps).

Possible is copy eeprom from other sensor to new sensor

Menu in different language as Polish,English,Russian,Spain,French,Italiano or other for order

Software for editing EPROM

DT8001 tester pumps ZEXEL

Simulator for pumps Zexel

 zexel tester simulator for pumps

The tester is used for testing Zexel pumps on the test bench,

You can set a fuel quantity on the test bench

Displayed is  position readout (In milivolts),

the simulator is similar to DT8000 for VE pumps.

Tester is compatible with Bosch regulation data,



Simulator for pumps VP44 PC computer version

Tester communicates with the pump via the can-bus

No need to cut any wires from the pump


- The choice of fuel dose volume (3 doses min.mid,max)

- Controlling advance actuator 0 or 100%

- Reading fuel temperature

- Rotation speed RPM

- Test efficiency of injection valve (good/error)

- Reading/erasing trouble codes from module PSG5

- Unlocking immobiliser in Ford pumps

- Handles arround 20 type of pumps as


Set include:

- PC software

- Interface connected to USB

- Power supply

- Cable to the pump

vp44 can bus tester pump

Tester PSG5

Tester is designed for testing PSG5 module without Test bench

for example after replace transistor in module, etc...

Functions :

- Controlling advance actuator on/off

- Reading fuel temperature

- Rotation speed RPM

- Testing injection valve (good/error)

-Reading trouble codes


PSG tester vp44 module

Sensor Internal pressure for VP44

pressure tester vp44

Tool for measuring internal pressure in pumps VP

The set include:

- 2 adapters

- Pressure sensor

- Software PC

- Cables