Different testers for diesel parts ,generators

Diesel equipment :

DT250 stroke tester

VE pumps stroke tester

Professional Tool for VE Pump

VE pump piston stroke gauge used in test bench

0-15mm stroke is shown on LED display +/- 0.5mm

stroke meter for advance actuator

PWM generator

The purpose of the generator is to control the various valves and inductive components as relays, motors and other actuators

controlled by PWM with 12V pulses.


- Generation square wave

- Continuous frequency adjustment process

- Continuous regulation of filling pulse

- Measurement the pulse width from other sources

- Measurement filling pulses from other sources

- Measurement pulse frequency from other sources

PWM Generator diesel


Tester for testing parameters of injectors

Injector coil resistance tester

For piezo and Magnetic

Functions :

- Testing electromagnetic coils (inductivity)

- Testing piezo injectors (capacitance)

- Cyclic opening electromagnetic injectors

- Opening injectors Bosch with time 1 second for measuring ball stroke.

ABS Tester

Tester for simulate ABS sensors

- 4 outputs for simulation 4 sensors in one time

- speed adjusting

- power supply from battery 9V

ABS Tester