Testing Electronic Unit Injectors

Diagnostic Equipment for Test Benches

BIP Tester

The device is used for measuring the response time of the injector (BIP)

BIP is a delay time from the start of the injector to the full opening the valve

(audible click).

Functions :

Measuring BIP in microseconds

Measuring shape of a current while injector is opening

The ability to create your own database.

bip tester
software for BIP testing
bip testing

Set include :

- software

- interface

- cables

- knock sensor

not include power supply

needed is 12v/20A for VW

               24V/20A fro truck

or battery from the car

For testing BIP, you don't need the test bench

PC based EUI tester

PC based simulator for EUI

Tester include BIP measuring and database with fuel doses

Designed for magnetic and piezo injectors