Diagnostic Equipment for Test Benches

Common rail equipment :

DT5004 Injectors tester

common rail injectors tester

Tester common rail for 4 injectors

 magnetic and piezo

The main designation for the device is to control the injectors of Common Rail
on the test bench with the possibility of adjustment frequency and the time of the injection pulse.
The injectors tester is dedicated for control  Common Rail  injectors electromagnetic and piezoelectric.
With this device you can electronically control the injectors of the following companies:
The tester can be used for controlling four injectors. The device allows adjustment frequency injections
and the injection time 0,15 to 3 ms (150us-3000us)
The hydraulic pressure on the test bench should be adjustable in the range of 150bar to 1800bar.
The set include 4 types of connectors for injectors

The menu is in 8 languages ,for choose is :

English ,Polish ,Russian ,French, Italiano, Romanian, Spain, Deutsch

Set include test data, tester is compatible with Bosch test data


DT2000 Common rail pump tester

Tester for pumps common rail high pressure

pump tester common rail

The tester is dedicated for testin high pressure Common Rail pumps CP1,CP3  and other similar with one valve.

Suitable for  Bosch,Denso,Delphi,Siemens pumps.
The device works with every test bench for injection pumps

control electromagnetic valves with a different  duty cycle
control of additional electromagnetic valve ( on/off)

pressure measurement [bar]
fuel temperature from external sensor

The set include connectors 4 types

DT3000 Kit for stage III repair

Kit for measuring ball stroke in injectors common rail Bosch

Kit for measuring ball stroke in injectors common rail Bosch
Supplied with:
1) universal ceble
2) dial gauge with accuracy 0.001mm
3) stand for dial gauge
4) simulator DT3000
5) reference data for 270pcs injectors

dt3000 3 stage tester ball stroke
dt3000 software


Software with test data


Hand tester for pumps common rail

The tester is dedicated for measuring and control  high pressure Common Rail pumps CP1,CP3 and similar. Tester works with two valves (high and low pressure)

Designed for Bosch,Denso,Delphi,Siemens pumps.

Can steering two valves

measuring pressure from high pressure sensor

supply only from car 12V ,or other power supply 12V 5A

pressure is regulated automatically

dt3 tester pumps common rail


Computer tester for pumps common rail

Tester is designed for testing  pump common rail in a car or on test bench

You can control two valves

 1. Pressure valve

 2. Cut-of fuel valve

Display shows high pressure during test

Tester measure inductance of valves

Compatible with pumps Cp1 and Cp3 ,or similar

dt3pc tester pumps common rail
IMA generator coding injectors

IMA code generator C2I and C3I Delphi

Tester designed is for most types of injector Common Rail
In one enclosure for injectors and pumps Common Rail

The tester can be used for controlling four injectors.
Include database with fuel doses for injectors
Needed is the test bench for pump CR + rail with valve and high pressure sensor

Device is controlled from PC software Windows


common rail test bench
common rail injectors tester
simulator pumps common rail


Available aso for other brands of injectors, please ask via email

coding injectors common rail


Tester for Siemens VDO injectors

Functions :

- Measuring resistance of piezo element

- Measuring capacitance

- Detecting break ,or short circuit

- Reneneration piezo element

- Measuring air flow with adapters and rotameter

VDO tester injectors piezo
Siemens VDO Continental tester injector